EDITH BALLANTYNE & THE PEACE WOMEN After the sports career

Metropolitan Province

development / Fiction

Corporate psychologist, Thomas Müller, discovers during the 2018 World Cup that his love life and his state of mind are linked to the rise and fall of another Thomas Müller, the German football star.

Summer 2018: the World Cup is the main topic in the provincial capital of Lucerne. Thomas (30) and his flatmates Brazzo, Mira and Täne are enjoying a fun-filled summer between going to concerts, club nights and public viewings. He meets Schanti, his third love named Chantal, but their brief romance ends when she falls for Thomas’ best friend Brazzo. Heartbroken, Thomas travels to Denmark to clear his mind and bizarrely begins correlating his life’s ups and downs with the career of German football star Thomas Müller. Convinced of a mystical connection, Thomas’ obsession leads him to a villa in Otterfingen, Germany, to seek Müller. After days of waiting, his friends rescue him and take him to a psychiatric ward, where Thomas learns the risk of basing one’s life on football and starts to recover from his delusions.

Duration 90 min.
Genre Drama
Languages Swiss German
Production Milan Film AG
Producers Cyrill Gerber, Till Gmür, Caroline Meier
Author Pablo Callisaya
Director Damiàn Dlaboha
Expected Delivery 2026