I’ll remember you

completed / Documentary, Series, Podcast

Two young musicians form an intergenerational band with the pop pioneers from the 50s and 70s and face their own challenge of growing old as musicians.

«Youth is over, the majority of life still lies ahead of us,» – Fabian Chiquet and Victor Moser, musicians of the former Swiss pop-hype “The Bianca Story”, find themselves changing nappies in the comfort of family life. And yet they feel this burning for music and the urge to continue being creative. But where do they go from here? How does one age as a pop musician?

Thirsting for inspiration, they get in touch with their forerunners, the Swiss pop pioneers from the 50s and 70s. Narratives and joint discussions about life, society and values are gathered, resulting in a colourful mosaic of stories of musicians who fought hard for their dream and helped to bring about a cultural revolution with their ideas and assertiveness.

The older musicians—ranging from 75 to 95 years old—recount their careers and their biographical turning points. They form a cross-generational band with the two younger musicians. Five new songs emerge from joint jams, musically reflecting their conversations about youth, coming of age, father-hood, age and transience.

The crowning finale of their encounter is a concert at Atlantis Basel—the former epicentre of Swiss pop music. I’LL REMEMBER YOU is a documentary Series about life as a musician, about a conversation between generations and about facing what it means to grow old.


Duration 5 x 23 min,
Genre Documentary, Series, Podcast
Languages Swiss-German
Production Milan Film
Producer Cyrill Gerber, Caroline Meier
Screenplay and Director Fabian Chiquet, Victor Moser
Expected Delivery 2023 MORE...