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After the sports career

completed / TV Documentary

What do top athletes do after their active sports career? The ‚DOK‘ follows well-known Swiss personalities from the sports world after their retirement, providing personal insights into the psychological, emotional, and professional developments following the end of a career.

The ‚DOK‘ provides insights into the challenges former Swiss top athletes face when pursuing new goals after ending their careers. Jan van Berkel, a successful triathlete, announced his retirement after winning Ironman Switzerland 2023 and embarks on a job search in the film. His wife, Sarah van Berkel, a successful figure skater, is familiar with this. Alongside her involvement with Art On Ice, she completed a journalism degree. Beni Huggel turns necessity into virtue and has founded an organization that connects athletes with potential employers. This is how Laurien van der Graff, a former cross-country skier, found a career after sports. The footballer Timm Klose is still in the midst of the process and currently trains with the U21 team, where he serves as a link between young players and coaches and reflects on his future.

Duration 50 min,
Genre Documentary, Sport
Languages Swiss-German
Production Milan Film in order of Swiss Radion and Television SRF
Producer Cyrill Gerber, Caroline Meier
Director Jan Mühlethaler

Release: 2.5.2024