Soul of a Beast


completed / Drama

A warm-hearted, poignant road movie from Mongolia about a young nomad couple who travels to the far away big city. A film about love, trust, life and death in a little-known world.

Dorj and Suren are proud, independent nomads living in the Mongolian steppe. When the country doctor advises Suren to seek modern medical care for her difficult pregnancy, the two embark on a long journey to the distant capital Ulaanbaatar.
At the hospital they discover that without valid documents from their rural community they will receive no help and that they will have to pay for the urgently required C-section in cash—money that they do not have. To raise the necessary funds, Suren instructs her husband to sell her golden earrings. They were her wedding gift from Dorj and are the most valuable thing they own. However, Dorj loses one of the earrings, making the sale impossible.
Stranded and alone in the big city, Dorj meets the prostitute Saraa, who helps getting him into a highly remunerated karaoke competition. However, Dorj cannot read so a karaoke performance is impossible. Overcoming his embarrassment, Dorj sings a song from his childhood from memory and wins the prize money!
Jack, the taxi driver, who is also Saraa’s pimp, learns of the nomad’s big win and asks his buddies to grab Dorj and the money. A life and death struggle begins while, back at the hospital, Suren is in labour and awaiting her husband…

Duration 100 min.
Genre Drama
Languages Mongolian
Coproduction Hesse Film, Milan Film, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Chogsom Film, Cobra Film, Cinegrell
Producer Simon Hesse, Cyrill Gerber, Batbayar Chogsom
Screenplay and Director Batbayar Chogsom
Release 2018 MORE...