ReblZ Pina


development / Documentary

In Colombia, the world’s longest civil war raged, leaving a deeply wounded country that began to address its scars with the signing of a fragile peace agreement. 

While a student during the civil war, Colombian director Diana Rojas, witness ed the killing of her professor at her university. This incident led her to emigrate to Switzerland and build a life as an artist. Twenty years later, when the rebel group FARC-EP claimed responsibility for this murder, Diana was confronted with her past. She began to explore the question of what is home” and whether she could ever personally forgive those who perpetrated war crimes in her native country.  Could the Colombian people, as a whole, do the same?  Her focus turned to the thousands of former child soldiers who, by escaping victim-perpetrator categorization, raised questions about forgiveness, restitution, and the future of the country. If the ex-child soldiers could have a future, so might Colombia.

Switzerland / Columbia (tbc) / Spain (tbc)
Duration 90 min
Genre Documentary, Politics
Languages English, Spanish, German
Producer Cyrill Gerber, Omid Taslimi, Caroline Meier
Writers & Directors Diana Rojas, Fabian Chiquet

Expected completion: 2027