PERDÓN Restore


development / Shortfilm

Pina, a 62-year-old lawyer, is in denial about her increasing dementia and is desperate to convince her colleague that she can still work.

Pina, half British and half Swiss, emerges from the shower, gearing up for an important day. She needs to convince her former colleague, Susan, to rehire her as a consultant at their law firm, despite her past issues with memory lapses. They meet at Zurich’s Utoquai Baths, a favorite swimming spot. Pina starts her prepared pitch, but suddenly goes blank. After composing herself in the restroom, she resumes her plea, but Susan rejects her. Dejected, Pina sits by the water.

Unexpectedly, Susan returns, suggesting a swim. In the water, the atmosphere lightens as they climb onto a raft, basking in the sunlight. Feeling liberated despite the rejection, Pina dives into the water, embracing the uncertainty of her future, while Susan watches, astonished.

Switzerland / UK (tbc)
Duration 10 min
Genre Drama
Languages English, German
Producer Caroline Meier, Cyrill Gerber
Writers & Directors Florian Kasperski

Expected completion: 2025