After the sports career PERDÓN


development / Dramady

To pay back the money he owes his mother, Nick, a 32-year-old failed musician, agrees to drive his little sister and her K-pop dance group, the ReblZ, across England to a music competition in London.

After failing as a musician in London, 32-year-old Nick returns to Zurich, only to be roped into driving his half-sister Charlie and her K-pop dance group, ReblZ, to a competition in London to pay off his debts. The trip turns into a wild adventure, culminating in an impromptu livestream performance that catches a K-pop icon’s eye, offering them a recording session. Inspired by the group’s success, Nick decides to stay in London to revive his music career, embracing a fresh start with renewed hope.

Switzerland / UK (tbc)
Duration 90 min
Genre Roadtrip, Summermovie
Languages English, German
Producer Caroline Meier, Cyrill Gerber
Writers & Directors Florian Kasperski

Expected completion: 2026