development / Documentary

RESTORE tracks the compelling journey of Thomas Hübl, an Austrian trauma expert, as he endeavors to establish a trauma center in Israel, using his unique method to address intergenerational and collective traumas.

Research at ETH Zurich has shown that traumatic experiences can be imprinted on the genetic material of mice and be passed down for up to four generations. „Similar effects could also unconsciously influence humans,“ says Thomas Hübl (born 1971 in Vienna). As a workshop leader for trauma seminars in Germany, he stumbled upon data about collective and intergenerational trauma related to World War II and the Holocaust. He developed a unique method to process these types of traumas in group settings. „Restore“ follows Hübl in his international trauma integration work and the establishment of a trauma center in his chosen home of Israel. Can Hübl, as an Austrian outsider in the increasingly radicalized Jewish state, succeed in offering a sign of hope?

Switzerland / Israel (tbc)
Duration 90 min
Genre Documentary, Society
Languages English, German
Producer Cyrill Gerber, Omid Taslimi, Caroline Meier
Writers & Directors Christof Schaefer, Yamini Deen

Expected completion: 2027