production / Documentary

SAFE SPACE follows three women as they pursue a more fulfilling sexual life by exploring the world of BDSM and promoting the idea that good sex can be learned, just like cooking or sports.

SAFE SPACE accompanies Alexandra (24) on her learning journey. Her world of farm life and church pews is turned upside down when she meets Sharka, a sex therapist from Basel. In their joint sessions, Sharka challenges Alexandra’s deeply rooted beliefs. Their playful explorations repeatedly plunge Alexandra into moral crises. Her duality as the good girl who considers sex the holiest of goods versus her desire to embrace lust without inhibition pushes her to her limits.

We also meet Patricia (38) from Barcelona. She has been paralysed for the last twenty years from a sports accident.  For a long time, she suppressed her sexual desires because society did not acknowledge them as her right.  It was not until she met Glüwür (36) that Patricia discovered the world of BDSM and realized that sex was broader than just a penis in a vagina. Today, the two women run a studio in Barcelona that offers sex-positive workshops and ‚play parties,‘ and includes people with functional diversity.

In Ceriana, a picturesque Italian mountain village, Shadow (66) spends her summer holidays with her partner Chris (71). Aware that these might be their last holidays together because Chris has cancer, they splash in the river, eat gelato, and discuss their relationship. Shadow hears for the first time that her asexuality was not always easy for Chris. Meanwhile, Chris learns more about her work as a dominatrix and why BDSM is so therapeutic for her – although, due to past painful experiences, including hospital procedures and beatings endured in boarding school, Chris cannot understand why someone would willingly subject themselves to pain. Back home in Antwerp, Shadow is visited by Saara (38) who is to be whipped by two floggers simultaneously. In this extreme situation, Saara makes contact with parts of herself that would otherwise remain hidden. Her curiosity about how far she can go leads her deeper into her subconscious. It is a search for strength and independence.

SAFE SPACE is a film that touches, challenges, and shows us that our own universe knows no bounds. Together, we embark on an horizon-expanding journey that contributes to more openness and acceptance of ourselves and our fellow human beings.“


Duration 90 min.
Genre Sensual Documentary
Languages English, German
Production Milan Film
Producers Cyrill Gerber, Caroline Meier
Screenplay & Direction Sarah Horst
Expected Delivery 2025 MORE...