Service Production

For international companies

We offer production services for international companies shooting in Switzerland. With our extensive network of talents, we can offer the entire range of production services.


Thanks to our access to an excellent network of actors, actresses and extras, we can quickly find the right talent for a wide range of roles.

Location Scouting

Besides the picturesque mountain panoramas, Switzerland offers many more locations. Modern cities, medieval castles and ancient ruins, lakes, majestic churches and dreamy villages. We can provide the location that is needed, whether in Basel, Lucerne or anywhere else in Switzerland.

Providing Swiss Crew

To ensure efficiency, we can provide a Swiss crew for the production, who not only know the environment and local conditions, but also know the best possible ways of communication and transportation to make the production run smoothly.


Not only the transportation of a whole film crew or finding the right hotel can be difficult, but also knowing how and when holidays and rest days are, when a shoot in certain locations is more difficult or even estimating distanes between locations and costs. We help here to find the optimal approach.


Switzerland offers possibilities to fund foreign film projects through cantonal film commissions. Due to our contact to the respective commissions, we can also be of assistance and help to promote the project and make sure that all important requirements are fulfilled.

Previous projects

Fiction Series, 2023

With the biggest Philippine TV station ABS CBN, we realized the huge TV series UNBREAK MY HEART in winter 2023, reaching millions of Filipinos worldwide and taking place in three countries at once: the Philippines, Italy and Switzerland. We were responsible for the Swiss part and provided the crew, scouted the locations from Grindelwald to Lucerne and organized a smooth process.

Fiction, 2022

Production: MAVX Production, Philippines

Fiction, 2022

Production: MAVX Production, Philippines

In the summer of 2023, we worked together with the Philippine film production company MAVX Production on two feature films set in Basel and Central Switzerland. We helped with location scouting, organized Swiss talent and ensured a structured, efficient shoot without sacrificing flexibility. The films SWING and UNRAVEL will be released on Netflix later this year.