development / Dark Comedy

A love story, set in the isolation of the idyllic Swiss mountains against the backdrop of Nazi terror that arrives in the late 1930s in Austria.

1938 – journalist Albert Trebla (39) and his wife Xane (28) escape the Nazi persecuction in Austria to the offseason resort of St. Moritz. The reticence of the village’s inhabitants towards the new arrivals creates a tense atmosphere, which feeds into Trebla’s fears that his relatives in Austria are in mortal danger and that he and Xane could be targets of a Nazi death squad. Trebla’s paranoia is further increased by his friendship with the village’s drunken orcacle, De Colona, who fills his mind with insinuations about suspicious deaths in the village. When De Colona himself dies in an unexplained way, Trebla starts to investigate, finding it harder and harder to make a difference between reality and his own hallucinations and isolating himself from his own wife.

Switzerland / Austria / Luxembourg (tbc)
Duration approx. 120 min.
Genre Dark Comedy, Literature Film Adaptation
Languages German, Swiss German
Production Milan Film AG
Producers Cyrill Gerber, Caroline Meier
Expected Delivery 2027 MORE...