development / Fiction, short

When Vandrisse, the parking clerk of a luxury restaurant, senses a chance to escape his hope-less daily routine via an unclaimed car, he is caught by the wealthy and drunken customer and urged to drive her home.

Night after night, in the depths of the concrete labyrinth, Vandrisse takes care of the noble cars of the fashionable guests. He needs this job because, without papers, he has no other options to ensure his survival. A perspective for the future is completely missing. One evening, Vandrisse senses a chance to escape his dreary and hopeless everyday life via an unclaimed car, but is caught by the drunken owner lying in the back seat and urged to drive her home. The wealthy stranger takes full advantage of the situation and her position, but then meets the valet parker with a disarming openness and directness. For the fleeting moment of the car ride, the two people, who could not come from more different worlds, meet in a swirling power relationship and thus almost at eye level. A moment that has the potential to create hope and that puts Vandrisse to the test.

Duration 26 min.
Genre Comedy
Languages Swiss German
Production Milan Film AG
Producers Cyrill Gerber, Caroline Meier
Screenplay Julien Bouissoux
Director Jan Mühlethaler
Expected Delivery 2024